Tuesday, August 24, 2010

trip to east Texas

Saturday evening, I left for east Texas for a few days. While in Nacogdoches, I visited Jo Carlson and Robert Gruebel. They are restoring a time-neglected Diedrich Rulf Victorian-style home located on Mound Street. At one time, the house served as a funeral home. It functioned as such for over forty years.

Chapel windows (above).

Embalming room (above).

Jo showed me adjustments that were made in the house to accommodate the funeral business. This included (above) enlarging the passage under the stairwell to accommodate caskets.

Viewing parlor (above).

We discussed ritual as both of them are collectors. Jo collects Victorian objects, and Robert collects African objects. We also discussed a performance to mark this "undertaking."

I also visited my parents, and pick-up a ponytail of my hair which had been cut off when I was a teenager. I plan to incorporate the hair into a mourning object.

My mother read me two obituaries, one she had written for herself and one for my dad. They then argued about where to be buried and if to be buried together.

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